VIA Prototypical Bus Shelter


Downtown/San Antonio


VIA – Prototypical Bus Shelter

VIA Metropolitan Transit is in the process of replacing existing bus shelters and adding new shelters throughout the Central Business District.

VIA hired Douglas Architects to design a new, prototypical stop that could be adapted to various sidewalk widths in both tight urban or suburban locations.

Specific program requirements included protection from the elements the (sun/rain), seating, accessibility and sustainability. In addition, the design called for a simple “kit of parts” system that could easily be assembled and maintained, and the overall structure needed to be durable to both weather and vandalism. The result of these requirements is a contemporary, lightweight aluminum framing system made up of interlocking extrusions. The asymmetrical canopy support places the columns towards the back of the shelter, maintaining good lines of site from bench seating to the street, as well as keeping the general sidewalk clear of support column obstructions. The selected finish includes a vandal resistant coating.

DAI was then asked to develop a phased plan for incorporating the new prototype into all of the downtown bus stops locations. DAI created a document that highlights each stop and its amenities, documents existing conditions and a 3D visual of what the stop will look like with the new design. A matrix was developed to detail which stops had site constraints which would impact installation and which could incorporate it with minimal disruption, in order to more efficiently phase construction.