Grand Hyatt Pool Renovation


River Walk/San Antonio


Grand Hyatt Pool Renovation

The Grand Hyatt San Antonio’s guest amenities on the 5th floor of the high-rise included a pool, fitness center and two terraces, one north and one west facing, that were under-utilized, due to their exposure. Hotel ownership wanted to improve amenities by adding a pool bar and creating a new terrace on the south side of the building, overlooking the downtown. Existing egress paths were problematic, in that people exited through the pool area and over the existing roof material, which was white and created glare.

Douglas Architect’s design rerouted egress and by providing additional exit doors which simplified exiting and improved the pool guests experience.

The new terrace transformed the existing roof space into an outdoor gathering area, with new metal shade structures and a complimentary color scheme that reduced glare and created a more pleasant, framed view of downtown. DAI selected artwork that enlivened the spaces during day or night events.

Likewise, the new bar area, carved out of an existing, under-used meeting room, coordinates with the hotel’s interiors, creating a crisp, clean space for pool guests to view the pool take a break from it to refresh themselves.