City of San Antonio HBGCC Ramp Structure – Vertical Circulator


Downtown/San Antonio


COSA Vertical Circulator

As part of the CoSA Convention Center and the Market Street/Frontage Road realignment projects, Douglas Architects was hired by URS to design the new “Vertical Circulator” to connect pedestrian traffic to and from the Alamodome, the Convention Center and the new HPARC.

Located on the southwest corner of Montana Street and the new Frontage Road, the design concept responds to stakeholder’s desires to create an iconic structure that would be visible from both the new, landscaped “Complete Street”, frontage road and the 281/ I-37 expressway. The new structure will act as a gateway element to the east side of HPARC and the Convention Center.

Over the course of two years, the design was changed several times due to budget considerations. Each design incorporated stairs and an elevator, until cost cutting eliminated the elevator. ADA issues still needed to be addressed, so a tight ramp structure was designed with a “portal” announcing the Alamodome’s access point, welcoming patrons and conveying large crowds from Alamodome level to street level, quickly and effectively. The design incorporates elements that complement the new Convention Center, the surrounding materials and lush landscaping.